…empowering expectant mothers and fathers


Pregnancy and childbirth are natural processes that normally do not require intervention. The best advisors at this time of great change are the inner voice, serenity and a solid basic knowledge of a natural birth. The guidance of a midwife during pregnancy, birth and puerperium strengthens confidence in one's own abilities. This provides security. Thus, during the nine months of pregnancy, a good base is created for the mother, child and father to all grow together during and after birth.

… informs about the risks of obstetric routine


We inform you about sensible prevention by a midwife or doctor and advise you to use prenatal diagnostics, screenings (mass screening) and self-paying IGe services as little as possible. [IGeL stands for “Individuelle Gesundheitsleistung”. This means services which are not covered by the health insurance but need to be paid for privately.] That way the baby is spared and the parents remain in contact with their unborn child. They are well advised to become aware of their rights*. So they can stand up for the protection of their baby before birth and say "no" if they think it is right. This also means carefully choosing the place where the baby is to be born. 97% of parents go to the clinic to give birth. Due to clinical routine, too little staff, too much technical supervision and medication, the finely tuned hormonal interaction between mother and child is rendered ineffective. Active childbirth is then no longer possible. Complications in the birth process are the result and lead to further interventions and much more often than necessary to caesarean sections.
*UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

…is nationally and internationally interconnected 
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Medical birth management has established itself in most industrial countries. This makes sense for sick mothers and children. However, 85% of all pregnant women are considered healthy. They should be protected from uncertainty and stress through tests and probability calculations, whose benefits have not been proven. In the "Network of Parent Initiatives for Birth Culture" and internationally, we are committed to reforming the birth culture. We write and distribute open letters, explanations, statements and brochures on important topics related to childbirth.