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Birth induction & Due date - Decision making


What time is too late?

Christiane Schwarz: What time is too late?

A scientific paper to support the question of whether it makes sense to induce birth after the due date has been passed or not.

The book is aimed at midwives, doctors and women who are looking for well-founded support in making a joint decision for or against induction of childbirth. For the first time in Germany, a book offers an analysis of the relevant data and an evaluation of available decision-making aids and information for pregnant women.

In Germany, at least every fifth birth is initiated by medication, about every third of which is due to " exceeded due date ". The aim of the induction is to prevent illness, disability or death of the child. The evaluation of more than five million birth data showed no advantages of induction. From the exceeded date of birth no increased rate of stillbirths or severe birth complications was found. There is no evidence that routine birth induction can prevent stillbirth in healthy pregnant women who expect a healthy child. The book "Wie spät ist zu spät" is the author's doctoral thesis.

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Wie spät ist zu spät