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Postpartum Changes in your family relationships

After the arrival of a new baby your relationship with your partner and your family members, especially your own parents and in-laws changes immensely. It takes some time for them to grow into their roles as grandparents, and this growth period can be challenging. They might have unsolicited advice that is easier to ignore than engage with. Saying “thanks for the advice” or “that’s an interesting story” and not pressing further are good ways to change the subject. Your partner’s role can be to act as a buffer between you and other (sometimes difficult) family members.

Domestic violence
Unfortunately, abuse and domestic violence, in all its forms, often increases during pregnancy and after birth. No matter where you live, what your social status is, or what type of abuse you are facing, it’s not your fault. Seek out help in your community or another local community - you and your baby deserve to live in an environment free of abuse.

Single parenting
No matter why you are a single parent, you need support as you recover from pregnancy and birth and grow into your new role. It can feel very lonely and it’s important to have as good a support network as you can. Many cities and towns have single parents’ groups and clubs, but you can also join a regular parenting or mommy and me support group for new parents.

A final note: remind yourself that you’re doing a great job. You will feel like you’re doing everything wrong and that you’ll never get this parenting thing down. Parenting has a steep learning curve but soon you will be an expert on your baby and her needs. Be patient and kind with yourself and your partner. No matter how long it may seem to be taking in the moment, postpartum passes quickly and is only a short time in your parenting journey.