Our aims

Strengthen and inform

Hello, so now you're pregnant. Or are you going to be a father? As birth-experienced, independent specialists, we offer you information on pregnancy and birth. They should help you to find out what makes you feel good and secure considering all the advice and opinions. Your inner voice and your inner knowledge are the best advisors on your way through pregnancy and birth. We are convinced of this. And we want to encourage you to do so.

We congratulate you on your decision to have a child. A unique and unforgettable time awaits you, in which you can experience the miracle of the beginning life. In order to make the nine months of pregnancy a time of "good hope", we would like to support you in expanding your skills. Pregnancy and birth are natural processes in which you normally do not need to intervene. We would like to encourage you as an expectant mother to explore yourself and your body and to adjust to the remarkable achievements your body makes during pregnancy and birth. By becoming aware of yourself, you can also develop a feeling for the child growing inside you. To you as an expectant father we would like to say that you are important for the protection of your wife who is becoming a mother and for the protection of your child. Just like the mother-to-be you need attention for yourself and for you as a couple who are becoming parents.

The development and growth of your child follows natural biological laws, just like the onset of labor and the birth that follows. What happens naturally in healthy women has been proven over thousands of years and has ensured the existence of humanity. These processes must not be disturbed. Midwives and doulas can support you in this. This is midwifery. In case of illness, obstetrics is at your disposal. Learn to distinguish between the two. Deal with the difference between prenatal care and prenatal diagnostic examinations / tests. For this purpose we provide you with information about the risks of obstetrical routine. Find out what you want to do or not do.

Your child will never again be as small and vulnerable as at the beginning of its life. It needs attentiveness and protection. You will learn to bear your new responsibility and to stand up for your rights as an expectant mother, your parental rights and the rights of your child. If you enable your child to grow, mature and be born at its individual pace, you create a good basis for its life. It needs you to be mentally with him and take care of him.

Medical professionals are increasingly lacking the knowledge about natural births. So in the last 4 decades the time of good hope has turned into an obstacle course of fears. Control processes and obstetrical routine procedures dominate pregnancy and birth, where an individual perception of her body and her baby could give the expectant mother orientation and security. Today, many people believe that pregnancy and birth can only be made safe and controllable through standards, medical-technical controls and medication.
The experts for obstetrical knowledge are midwives. They offer pregnant women support that is based on the physical and emotional needs of mother and child. There are also physicians, both inside and outside of clinics, who concentrate more on natural processes and know about the finely tuned cooperation between the mother's and child's organism.

On our pages you will find independent, comprehensive and individual information to help you orientate yourself and find your own way.

Irene Behrmann